OTR, the band

John Lawton Vocals
Jan Dumee Guitars
Xande Figueiredo Drums
Marvio Ciribelli Keyboards
Ney Conceicao Bass

John Lawton -Vocals
John Lawton, vocals, acoustic guitar, harmonica. Starting out in Germany with the Les Humphries Singers, in the early ’70s, (which included the Eurovision Song Contest in ’75) the ex – Uriah Heep front man and vocalist with the legendary German rock cult band Lucifer’s Friend ( 69-’76 & ’79-’95) with whom he recorded 9 studio albums, has built a reputation on his powerful vocals and charismatic personality and is regarded as one of the best “white” bluesy singers in the world.
In ’76 John joins Uriah Heep as their frontman, recording the albums : “Innocent Victim”, “Firefly”, “Fallen Angel” and “Live ’79” touring Europe and the USA until Sept. ’79.

John has worked with some big names of rock, on various projects, including Roger Glover’s “Butterfly Ball” live in the Royal Albert Hall in ’75, with David Coverdale, Glenn Hughes, Ian Gillan and Twiggy. Later on Eddy Hardin’s “Wizard’s Convention ll” with Chris Farlowe, Dennie Lane, Paul Jones and Tony Ashton.
He has also worked with some of the finest record producers, including Tony Clarke (Moody Blues) Jimmy Miller (Rolling Stones) Harold Faltermayer (Pet Shop Boys), who produced the titles John sang on the Lenny McDowell Project “Lost Paradise” Lawton sang with German rockband “Rebel” later known as “Zar” on three albums,during the late ’80’s/’90s including their hit singles “Line of Fire” & “Eagles Flight”, moving onto Volker Barber’s classical project “Excalibur”.

John formed GunHill, now known as John Lawton Band, in Jan. of ’94. touring the Uk and Europe.
In ’95 he briefly re-joined Uriah Heep, for 2 weeks, to tour South Africa with Deep Purple,filling in for their singer Bernie, who was suffering from voice problems at the time.
John also sang on several German commercials, including the “Colgate Gel” TV spots, the “Peter Stuyvesant Travel” spots, the Stuyvesant single “Come Together” and a stint for Harley Davidson Motorbikes. Inspired by German top producer Robert Papst and his partner Reinhold Hoffman, John re-recorded one of the Les Humphries Singer’s favourites, the big ’70 s hit “Mama Loo”, in January ’98.

In August , 2000, his solo CD “Still Paying My Dues..” produced by Robert Papst, is released in Europe , UK and Scandinavia, by “Hypertension Music” Hamburg and distributed through “EDEL” Germany. This album has been hailed as the “best work” John has ever done…….
In May 2001 he teams up with Ken Hensley to form the Hensley Lawton Band. After extensive touring, during spring and summer of 2001 , both Ken and John return to their respective “solo” careers. .. more about the Hensley Lawton Band hensleylawton.com
The John Lawton Band “JLB” is taken on by Classick Rock Productions in 2001 and record the accoustic CD “Steppin it up ” which features John & Steve.
“One More Night” Live at the Mean Fiddler ,CD & DVD, is recorded in 2002 ,which is followed in 2003 by JLB’s “Sting In The Tale” CD, an original studio rockalbum.

Jan Dumee – Guitar
Dutch guitarplayer, composer & producer Jan Dumée (born 6 april 1965 in Rotterdam, The Netherlands) grew up in an environment having had the chance to listen all kinds of music. From the exciting sounds of Led Zeppelin, the orchestral sounds of Rachmaninoff, the jazz soli of Wes Montgomery, the universal Brazilian sounds of Hermeto Pascoal and so on…., it all became a consistent part in his musical education, inspiration and taste. Jan’s strength in music is being blessed to play and compose several music styles such as rock, jazz, fusion, worldmusic, classic, music for film etc. Jan also uses to play piano, organ, drums, bass and percussion. Nowadays Jan is recognized as a very versatile guitarplayer and composer/arranger with an own signature.

The music of Jan Dumee is described in the reviews as ‘very creative’, ‘non-conformist in approach’, ‘ear-tickling’ and ‘knowing no bounds’.
In a extra-ordinairy way he showed this with his O Septeto Plus, with musicians from Brazil, Senegal. Argentina, Holland and Croatia. With this ensemble he recorded the album ‘Rodinha’: an amount of selfwilling compositions based in Brazilian music and blended with other styles such as jazz, African-, classic-, and Indian- music. ‘Rodinha’ was recognized in 1998 as one of the best Dutch worldmusic CD’s by the press, the foundation Conamus and Radio Holland (world broadcast).
Since 1991 he regular payed visits to Brazil to do what is called ‘work in the field’, studying Brazilian music and culture. Jan developed playing Brazilian percussion (from “repenique” to the little triangle), which helped him become a versatile composer in different Brazilian music styles. In 1999 he became for one special occasion musical ‘director’ of the ‘Dutch’ (with mostly Brazilians) samba school ‘Casa-Holanda-Brasil’.

Since the end of 2001 until april 2006 Jan became internationally known due to his job as guitarplayer/composer of Dutch’ foremost progjazzrock-group of all times: Focus. Already since a boy of 15 years he frequented the house of one of the Focus founders: Thijs van Leer. The music of van Leer and Focus (and with them the ‘Dutch School’ of the seventies Rogier van Otterloo and the masterfully phrasing of melodies by guitargiant : Jan Akkerman) became a important part from the first hand for his musical inspiration and formation. He recorded with Focus the albums: ‘Focus 8’ , ‘Live in South America’ and dvd/cd ‘Live in America’.

During his time with Focus, Dumee recorded in Rio de Janeiro in 2003 his solo-album ‘Rio on the Rocks’ (released in 2005 by the Rocks Symphony label): a blend of (prog)rock-, jazz-, Brazilian- and classical- music with renowed musicians such as: Xande Figueiredo, Marcos Suzano, Chico Batera, Luis Alves, Arthur Maia, and many others.

Nowadays Dumée is leading together with ex-Uriah Heep/Lucifer’s Friend singer John Lawton a new multinational rock band called On The Rocks, officially known as OTR. Together (again) with musicians from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. They recorded their first CD (in São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, The Netherlands), which will be released in spring 2008. Also a live DVD is planned to be recorded in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro in 2008.

Furthermore Jan has his other musical ideals such as projected in ‘The Cubrabop Quintet’ (Brazilian/Cuban/jazz, with musicians from Holland, France and Germany), and the ‘Jan Dumee Group’ (jazz, brazilian music with some of the finest musicians from Rio de Janeiro) and will do co-projects with different international musicians.

Ney Conceicao – bass
Bassplayer and composer Ney Conceicao born the 8th of decembre 1972 in Belem/Brasil and now living in Rio de Janeiro, is recognized as one of Brazil’s foremost bassplayers nowadays.
He has been playing and recording with several Brazilian highlighted artists such as Joao Bosco, Djavan, Fatima Guedes, Sivuca, Paulo Moura, Roberto Menescal, Sivuca, Sebastião Tapajós and Dutch guitarman Jan Akkerman and many others.
As composer/musician Ney has a distinctive solo-career and recorded several cd’s/dvd’s such as with his ‘Nosso Trio’. In OTR he will stand for a very solid fundament and will surprise band and audience with virtuose soli!!

Xande Figueiredo – drums
Drummer & percussionist Xande Figueiredo was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, on 16 November in 1967. Brazilian Popular Music (MPB) and its enormous diversity was his first inspiration, and even now it remains essential for his playing, while also dominating in other music genres such as jazz-rock, pop , jazz & rock music. His first performances as a drummer took place in the Rio nightlife. and soon after in the whole brazil and abroad. He involved studying classic percussion and played and recorded together with instrumental bands and high rated Brazilian musicians and artists such as Paulo Russo, Nico Assumpção, Marcos Suzano, Armando Marçal, Sivuca, Cazuza, João Bosco,Elza Soares,Baby do Brasil (in concerts with the Jazz Symphonic Orchestra from São Paulo) Rosa Passos, Johnny Alf ,Edu Lôbo, D. IIvone Lara, Dominguinhos and Paulinho da Viola. Between ’94 and ’96 he was a member of the band that played with the singer Simone, participating in concerts through Latin America.

In 2004 participated in a Scandinavian Tour with master sambamaster Nelson Sargento. In 2006 he performed with Mandolin Virtuose Hamilton de Holanda in a Brazilian tour for the release of his CD “Brasilianos”. At the present moment Figueiredo plays with the singer Emilio Santiago and his own Pagode Jazz Sardinha’s Club. This group has released some CD’s and did tours in Brazil and Europe, as well as in Japan through Nippon Crown, reaching a great success among the press and fans. His most recent purpose is succeeding with OTR the band in which he shows his particular rock sound, quite different from any rock drummer, full of swing!!!!!

Marvio Ciribelli – organ/rhodes/piano
Marvio Ciribelli, pianist, arranger, composer and producer has raised his work to a level of music which updates non-stop by its artistic possibilities, in a blend of knowledge and imagination. Thanks to his keen spirit, which remains indifferent to changes of attitudes concerning generations and fads, which would probably reduce his creative potential. He found his correct personal formula through freedom and command of his ‘basic material’. He studied classical and popular piano, composition and harmony, in order to establish a personal language. Raised aware of his Brazilian roots, he uses his nuances and rhythm patterns as a reference or as an ingredient to an inevitable action based on improvisation, in other music styles such as( progessive rock and jazz , the main part in an exercise of freedom that surpasses mere market expectations, breaks boundaries and moves forward to the future. With unshakeable enthusiasm, Marvio Ciribelli has made of his music a shared way of life, establishing a collective, truthful and, above all, coherent feeling of happiness around him. No more, no less, the size of his heart.