Dumee & Dijkgraaf Quinteto ‘Heloisando’

One of the most exciting new groups in the international brazilian jazz scene. A heart moving album with unique compositions that are a refreshing blend of samba jazz, bossa nova and impressionistic classical influences.

Genre: Latin: Brazilian Jazz
Release Date: 2011

1. Heloisa (7:29)
2. Entre Rio e Belo Horizonte (6:26)
3. Sonhando De Amor (Feat. Cecilia Stanzione & Mario Séve) (4:29)
4. Rodinha (8:25)
5. Cipriano (feat. Daniel Guimarães) (5:43)
6. Noites De Angra (8:25 )
7. Sonho (feat. Sonia Génu) (5:02)
8. Rua Assunção (2:23)
9. Heloisando (4:10)

Kiko Continentino – Grand piano
Paulo Russo – Double bass
Marcio Bahia – Drums
Wim Dijkgraaf – Chromatic harmonica
Jan Dumee – Compositions, guitar, vocals

Album Notes

The diversity of musical personalities and the continues journey through musical landscapes is what makes the Dumee & Dijkgraaf Quinteto a sensation for audiences around the world. This quintet is composed of the elements from an uncommon triangle; Europe, Minas Gerais and Rio de Janeiro. With an Europian taste for classical refinement, balance and the beauty of structure, Minas adds the impressionistic ingredients of dreaming, of delicacy and spiritual panoramas while Rio finally being the sensual, provocative and unapprehendabe personality of this quintet.

“We are citizens in a world without musical frontiers who bring a European fragrance to the universal melting pot of Brazilian instrumental music. This concert is a homage to a generation for whom music was primarily a reflection of their soul. Virtuosity and intellectuality being part of their ability to express themselves in a natural way, never loosing sight of the beauty and importance of cultural tradition and diversity.

While impressionism started in Brazil when Manet was aboard a ship in the harbor of Rio de Janeiro in the 1850’s, our impressionistic brazilian jazz is 21st century music with the final touch of a distant past; imaginary experiences full of fantasy and dreams.”

© Copyright – Jan Dumee & Wim Dijkgraaf / D&D Productions (885767651098)


May 6, 2011 (New York, NY) Written by Robert Sutton for JazzCorner.

Dumee & Dijkgraaf Quinteto deliver original and compelling take on Brazilian jazz

Acoustic guitars that flow like liquid. Crystalline, tinkling piano. Swirling harmonica. A haunting voice. Those are the enigmatic sounds that open Dumee & Dijkgraaf Quinteto’s new album, Heloisando. Rooted in Brazilian jazz and classical influences, Dumee & Dijkgraaf Quinteto eschews genre conventions for an original and highly compelling style.

Featuring guitarist Jan Dumee, harmonicist Wim Dijkgraaf, pianist Kiko Continentino, bassist Paulo Russo, and drummer Marcio Bahia, Dumee & Dijkgraaf Quinteto create music that is the result of an international exchange of flavors and inspirations based on the members’ backgrounds in Europe, Minas Gerais, and Rio de Janeiro. They add up to an exotic and particularly invigorating collective, offering a consistently inventive and dazzlingly energetic performance.

On “Entre Rio e Belo Horizonte,” Dijkgraaf’s harmonica is especially commanding, almost breathless in its relentless energy as Continentino’s rollicking piano, Dumee’s jamming guitars, and Bahia’s frenzied drumming build up a wall of steam.

06/06/11    Albums    By Leslie Connors
Critique: “Heloisando” (CD)
Dumee & Dijkgraaf Quinteto

Genre(s): Brazilian jazz
URL: http://www.dumeedijkgraaf.com

Sometimes the stars are in perfect alignment; beneath the blanket of light and shadow magic is born.

The wizardly offspring in this case is Dumee & Dijkgraaf Quinteto’s new album, “Heloisando,” which seems to exist in a world of its own. “Heloisando” rejuvenates Brazilian jazz with the pristine, haunting strands of classical music. On “Cipriano,” Jan Dumee’s guitars weave webs of hypnotic, translucent beauty. But the group is capable of more than just awe-inspiring slow-motion gorgeousness. On “Entre Rio e Belo Horizonte,” Wim Dijkgraaf’s fiery harmonica propels Kiko Continentino’s driving piano to new heights as Dumee’s breakneck acoustic riffs and Marcio Bahia’s pummeling drums reach for the skies.

In what can be seen as a blueprint for future jazz acts, reflecting the wonderfully expanding melting pot of today’s America, Dumee & Dijkgraaf Quinteto is stitched together by international passports; with members from the Netherlands, Minas Gerais, and Rio de Janeiro, their musical inspirations are eclectic, united by a general affection for jazz. According to Dijkgraaf, the idea for the band arose after he met Dumee at a jam session in the Netherlands four years ago. “He played bass that night and did a lot of Brazilian percussion,” Dijkgraaf recalled. “We had such a nice musical click, mainly because it was immediately apparent to me that he approached Brazilian music in a much more free way then what I was used to in Brazil. His approach was that of free jazz but applied with a lot of knowledge and respect to the standard Brazilian repertoire. We started talking and became good friends instantly. Following was a period of four years of playing with lots of musicians mainly in the Netherlands when I was there. It was his unexpected trip to Brazil in December 2010 that made us decide to record an album with our ‘dream team’ in Brazil.”

‘Dream team’ is certainly an apt description for Dumee & Dijkgraaf Quinteto. There is a transcendent quality to the group’s music, one that becomes increasingly apparent with each spin of “Heloisando.”