The diversity of musical personalities and the continues journey through musical landscapes is what makes the Dumee & Dijkgraaf Quinteto a sensation for audiences around the world who love Brazilian jazz, jazz & impressionistic classical music. This quintet is composed of the elements from an uncommon triangle; Europe, Minas Gerais and Rio de Janeiro. With an European taste for classical refinement, balance and the beauty of structure, Minas adds the impressionistic ingredients of dreaming, of delicacy and spiritual panoramas while Rio finally being the sensual, provocative and unapprehendable personality of this brazilian jazz quintet.

“We are citizens in a world without musical frontiers who bring a European fragrance to the universal melting pot of Brazilian instrumental music. Our concert is a homage to a generation for whom music was primarily a reflection of their soul. Virtuosity and intellectuality being part of their ability to express themselves in a natural way, never loosing sight of the beauty and importance of cultural tradition and diversity. While impressionism started in Brazil when Manet was aboard a ship in the harbor of Rio de Janeiro in the 1850’s, our impressionistic brazilian jazz is 21st century music with the final touch of a distant past: imaginary experiences full of fantasy and dreams.”
Jan, Wim, Kiko, Paulo & Marcio


No South-American style is safe for the ‘conquistadores’ of the World of THE CUBRABOP QUINTET. The repertoir mostly consists of own compositions provided with a virtuose and an elegant jazzflow.
In spite of or maybe due the virtuosity the group has downpath any musical difficulty is avoided with egard, based in groove en swing.The musicians belong to the musical Dutch elite and played/play with groups such as: Focus, Nuevo Manteca, Monsieur Dubois, State of Monk, O Sepeto Plus,  to name a few.

Cubrabop 5  

Jan Dumee: guitar/voc/comp./arr.
Arndt Beckmann: percussion/voc/comp./arr.
Ivo Stuivenberg: piano/voc/comp./arr
Carlos Breton: bass
Mark de Jong: drums